365 Day Hairdressing is a very different concept, created to raise the professional and creative standards of hairdressing.

The programme, researched, tested and developed over a number of years, came about because leading hairdressers felt that they wanted to be organised on more professional lines – and because customers should have not only a better, but a different, more complete service.

The aim is to give not only a better service in the salon, but to build in an instructional “after-care” programme, so that clients are taught the right way to keep their hair looking good between appointments – every one of the 365 days of the year.

The programme consistently brings together existing and new ideas based on a special Five-Step Recipe created by Leslie Spears, co-founder of the Three-Six-Five group. The 3-6-5 Five Step Recipe includes a friendly welcome, a genuine two-way consultation between customer and hairdresser, recommendation of the right Paul Mitchell luxury hair products, 365 Day Designer hairstyling, and a home hair care and style management programme.

Only top hairdressers are trained in the 365 Day System. They become part of a highly professional nationwide chain, a vast network exchanging ideas, innovations, new techniques, education and experiences.

All 365 Day hairdressers go through carefully thought-out training programmes. The standards are very high and, for once, training is not only in pure cutting techniques and artistry, but also in human relations. In a 365 Day Hairdressing Salon each client is treated as an individual. The client is made to feel welcome, and is spoken with rather than being talked to. The 3-6-5 special relationship is one of mutual respect.

The essential difference about a 365 Day Hairdressing Salon is that the clients are actively encouraged to talk about themselves, the lives they lead, the sort of clothes they like to wear, and any hairdressing problems they have always wanted solved.

The hairdresser not only studies the clients’ hair for condition, texture and colour, he or she is trained to study the shape of the head, the line of the cheekbones and jaw, the complexion, and details like colour of eyes, the size of the ears and the length of the neck. Most importantly the hairdresser is taught to listen.

They are trained to build up a trust so that hairdresser and client can both be involved in the final decision about the hairstyle and the home hair care programme. You can even go into a 3-6-5 salon just for advice on home hair care.

365 Day Hairdressing believes that the best hairstyle is the one that is properly, and individually “designed” to reflect the client’s personality, looks and lifestyle. It should blend naturally with the total appearance.

And, if in a week a woman is wearing a classic suit jacket for work, a chunky knit to relax or a stunning off the shoulder top to a party, that one hairstyle must match her mood, the occasion and the outfit.

Our hair, like the rest of our appearance, says things about us. we should like what it says. “Hair, for most of us,” as Leslie Spears says, “is the gown we never take off.

It deserves the care and attention of a professional hairdresser. The purpose of good business is all about solving problems.

Three-Six-Five helps make sure leading hairdressers are best equipped to do just that.”