Since 2003 Marianna has been carrying out Semi Permanent Make Up procedures in & around the Waveney area.

Marianna has been in the industry for over 10 years priding herself in her skill & professionalism. Now Marianna is pleased to be offering the art of Micro Pigmentation at Fusion.

Semi Permanent Make Up can accentuate & improve the definition of eyes, eyebrows and lips. This medically developed procedure is a method of implanting colour pigment into the skin to create lasting cosmetic effects & esthetics. This can be as soft or dramatic as you like.


The colour chosen will compliment your hair colour & complexion.

Eyebrows will appear fuller & more defined enhancing the natural shape of your brow. Choices are based on the look you wish to achieve.


This is applied to the lash line ( upper & lower ) to make eyelashes look fuller & add definition to the eyes. A natural looking fine line or a darker more dramatic look can be achieved – the choice is yours.

Lip Liner

This helps accentuate and define your lips, enhancing the shape & even correcting uneven lip contours. A semi permanent lip line can also prevent bleeding of lipsticks.