Spirit of Enterprise Awards Night

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Led at the helm by Tanya Sutcliffe, owner and founder of Fusion Hair Consultants, the team consists of managers Nicky, Debbie, Zoe and Sarah our reception manager.

Tanya has been hairdressing since 1975 and is one of the most experienced hair designers in this area. Tanya still works on the salon floor although is more involved with the Fusion Hairdressing Academy and Fusion’s training programme which is based in the salon’s training department. This is where our own stylists receive ongoing training, and also students from various schools who want to pursue a career in the industry attend throughout the week. Tanya has been successful in achieving her A1 assessors award, level 3 teacher training, and also a certificate of education, level2 and 3 in hairdressing.

Nickie is one of our Artistic Executives, a very highly skilled and experienced member of our team. She has been with us since 2002, and is our Senior salon floor manager. In 2009 Fusion qualified for the L’Oreal Eastern Region finals in London. She led the team to this major achievement, a role that is very demanding and one that we are extremely proud of.

Debbie is our other Artistic Executive, and another of our managers. She joined the team in 2010 from a top London salon. Debbie is the current leader of our art team and was responsible for leading Fusion to the L’Oreal colour trophy in London. She is responsible for keeping the team up with latest fashions and designs in the hair industry, for the salon to achieve the latest trends, a job which can be very demanding but one that she delivers exceedingly well. Debbie leads a group of Level 3’s in Skills development,trend developments, Fashion forwards, Inspirations and New season Designs.
Kayleigh an Artistic Designer, is another of our long standing team members. She specialises in wedding hair, and is one of our trainers. She is our ‘My New Hair’ specialist, working with Montana, on this relatively new service Fusion has to offer, for clients who have suffered hair loss either through sickness or trauma. Kayleigh offers the ‘Weft’ hair extensions service, a more temporary service to the ‘Great Lengths’ extensions, but a great service for wedding and prom put-ups! Fusion is very much involved in outside/external shows and events, which Kayleigh, one of our co-ordinators, organise.

Zoe is one of our Artistic Directors, and our Hair Extension https://www.goldfever.com/index.php/en/ ‘Great Lengths’  specialist. We are very proud that Zoe was one of the finalists in the Great Lengths awards 2012. Zoe works closely with Tanya the salon owner as one of our salon trainers, teaching our level 2 assistants. Zoe is qualified in Barbering, another new service Fusion has to offer. Whilst at college in 2008 Zoe achieved Lowestoft College ‘Hairdresser of the Year’.

The Beauty Therapist team is headed up by Carlie Whittle, Carlie is fully qualified level 3 beautician who joined the team from a reputable local spa. Carlie is revamping Fusion’s Beautician Department to provide one of the top Beauty Therapist services in this area. All the beauty therapist rooms have now been revamped and Fusion offers a bespoke massaging room with a state of the art massaging chair.
Carlie also specialises in Gel Nails and are fully trained to Diploma standard in classical Facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, spray tanning, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, make up and nail extensions for both hands and feet. Fusion are now able to offer permanent hair removal and skin rejuvination, an exciting service with excellent results. If you should be interested in this, a complimentary consultation can be offered, where your Beauty Therapist can discuss this service in detail.
Sarah Gooch is our reception manager and has Kaz Zelos working with her, Sarah has one other receptionists working in her team Montanna Boast. Sarah has been with Fusion for 9 years now and has worked her way up to the reception/salon co-ordinator role managers role, Sarah is also responsible for Professional stock in the salon. Kaz also has a number of responsibillity’s under her including Wedding and Ultimate service organinsing, timesheets and targets as well, Kaz is also the person that organises all the Saturday Juniors, so if you know a child that is interested in hair or beauty, is still at school and wants a part time Saturday Job, Kaz is the one to contact by either calling the Salon on 01493 603336 or e-mail her on kaz.fusion@btconnect.com . This is a great team and works really well together making sure you the clients, first and last impression of the Salon are rememberable.

April is one of our up and coming Level 3’s, she attended the pre 16 school Academy for 2 years before joining us as an apprentice. Successfully qualifying her Lev 2 in 2015 April is striving forward now ,she has completed her Level 3 in apprenticeship in 2016 and is now an established stylist on the shop floor. April is also part of the Hair extension Team and is currently £35 for a cut and finish.

Carlie is the salons Beauty manager and runs our Salon Beauty area, Fully trained Level 3 beautician. Carlie specialises in Elemis Products and VPL treatments


Paige is another excellent up and coming Stylist and is a product of Fusion’s academy. Paige has completed her Hairdressing NVQ Level 2 and her Level 3 with us and is now on the shop floor as a Stylist. Paige is also part of the hair extension team and her cut and finish price is Currently £30

Zoe is a senior stylist on the shop floor as well as being our senior Educator in the Salon. Zoe aslo specialises in Gold Fever and Great Lengths hair extensions. She is also Level 4 Barber trained and has trained the team in their Barbering skills as well as applying these skills herself on the shop floor, specialising in threading and removal of nasal and ear hair in the difficult skill of burning. Zoe’s Cut and finish price is £60


Debbie is a very experienced and senior Stylist . Debbie is in charge of the Stylists education on the shop floor and keeping up with Trends. A cut and Finish with Debbie is £60

Is the Reception Manager and ensures the salon runs well, she is also in charge of the Professional and Retail stock levels, ensuring the stylists have the stock required for the services we do. Sarah has been with us now for 10 years and very Loyal.


Kayleigh is probably one of our longest serving stylists. Joining us at the age of 13, doing two years with us before leaving school and joining us an apprentice Kayleigh then did her NVQ Level 2 and 3. Since then Kayleigh has become one of our most respected stylists. As well as educating the team, Kayleigh specialises in Put up’s, weddings and leads the My New Hair team. Cut and finish with Kayleigh is £50

Kaz is our salon Co-Ordinator and receptionist, she is bubbly enthusiastic and loves her Job. She is always hungry to take more on. As well as co-ordinating kaz does the Wedding and Ultimate booking's as well as looking after holiday arrangements for the staff and doing the 1 To 1's each month.

Kaz is our salon Co-Ordinator and receptionist, she is bubbly enthusiastic and loves her Job. She is always hungry to take more on. As well as co-ordinating kaz does the Wedding and Ultimate booking’s as well as looking after holiday arrangements for the staff and doing the 1 To 1’s each month.

Jack is another product from Fusion’s Academy, an extremely talented stylist who specialises in Barbering and Turkish shaves. Jack is also a member of the Fusion Holistic and My New Hair Team

Montana is another product of the Fusion Academy completing her Level 2 and Level 3 in hairdressing. She now has a number of roles in the Salon. Montana is one of the Academy’s educators, she is also part of the reception team as well as being on the shop floor as a senior stylist. Montana also works with the wedding team in the salon and also the” My New Hair Team” Specialising in loss of hair. Montana’s price for a cut and Finish is £40

Nicky is the senior stylist in the salon and has been with us since 2002. Nicky is renowned for being one of the top stylists in Norfolk and has a strong Clientele. Respected by everyone in the team she is keen to pass her knowledge and advice on to all. Nicky’s cut and finish price is £70

Antonia joined us in 2015 from school and has completed her NVQ Lev 2 in the Fusion Academy, Antonia has now completed her Level 3 and has established herself on the shop floor as a stylist. Antonia charges £25 for a cut and finish

Jazmine Joined us in 2016 and has completed her Level 2 and is currently doing her Level 3

Is a senior stylist on the shop floor. Heidi Joined us 4 years ago from being self-Employed, she has worked incredibly hard over those 4 years and has become one of our busiest stylists. Heidi’s current cut and finish price is £45

Jess is another product of Fusion’s Training academy, passing her Level 2 and Level 3 before becoming quickly established on the floor, Jess is currently £25 for a cut and finish

Jayne is a very experienced stylist with many years experience on the shop floor. Jayne joined us from a very well known local salon.

Jenni is an experienced stylist who joined Fusion from a very well known Local salon.

Oksana also joined Fusion’s team from a local well known salon and as well as being an experienced stylist Oksana is also a Beauty Therapist qualified in various treatments include Lash lift and permanent false eyelashes